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We’re all aware of the stereotype of a tortured artists, and I definitely embody this spirit. I developed this mind-set from a young age after being bullied throughout school. I’m not sure if it is due to being bullied, or just my psychological make up but I would say that for most of my life I have never felt like I fitted in. In fact, I would say I have quite an odd perspective on the world. This, and the constant struggle against society’s ‘norm’ is at the core of my practice. I have a preoccupation with exploring notions of beauty and superficial aesthetics and how the environments we occupy can disturb us. 


I have suffered with Depression and Anxiety since my teenage years, and my studio practice allows me to deal with these thought processes. I have learned that people don't know what to do when someone is not ok. I've heard 'she'll grow out of it', 'she' get over it', 'she's just laying it on', 'she's just moaning'.  I remember feeling particularly hopeless and turning to my doctor only for them to be dismissive and say 'oh just get a hobby, Go for a walk'. The pieces I produce allow me to represent the complex environment I have in my head.


I've been writing for 20 years, I write alongside painting to help process my thoughts. You can view here