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I reached a period of confusion with my art in 2017. I felt quite lost with the style I was developing but wanted to keep painting. It wasn't artists' block, it was something else entirely.  I found I was doing lots of works in progress, and experiments which stayed in progress for a long time, or just evolved into something completely different than I had thought they would. I felt like my paintings were starting to lose their identity.  My granny passed away suddenly in the summer of 2017 so I think she gave me the strength to carry on with the style I was creating and to relax and enjoy the process more. I adapted my mindset and realised it doesn't matter if a piece of art takes a year, it takes as long as it takes.

The below are all currently available.

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Thunderstorm  2017 60CM BY 90CM.jpg
Anxiety ain't Pretty.jpeg
Tangled Grass.jpg
Maths of Confusion.png
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