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My Black and White paintings are inspired by periods of intense sadness and depression. Its true that depression can lead to being ostracised by friends, and there was a group in particular I had to cut out in 2008 due to various misunderstandings around their wedding which they prioritised over my mental health. Their loss was significant but very necessary to me at that time. I did a lot of drawing and wrote the poems about it and painted them big again in 2016 after various sketches and drawings.


I feel broken 

I am gone

You’ve taken us back to the start and beyond

I feel betrayed

I am lost

I am fighting in the darkness 

Looking for us


I still see you

I still feel you

But you are gone


A love so strong

A love completely lost

I’m down by the roadside 

And don’t know who to trust 

Secrets in the Shadows.jpg
Black Series - City
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