Art and writing allow me to process the extremes of my inner narrative and create relief from the sometimes darker thoughts. I write and paint most days and at the end of each series of work I will normally have a collection of poetry and short pieces of writing reflecting what has been going on in my mind.



Brain is an Abyss

In the rat race you fight to the death

Things have to done even if it calls upon your last breath

You are replaceable and not valued

You are a number and stop being you

Escape the restrictions

Of a life like this

Descend into chaos

My brain is an abyss

I have constant sadness

I want to run away

My head is trapped by the money

I'm so disappointed its not even funny


I see my adrenaline

I see through the storm

These people don’t care about me

Blame is the norm



Double Barrelled Insults


I can’t make sense of what has gone on.

By not doing anything, you have let me come undone

The fragments of time only highlight how I’ve failed

Everything points to me

Everything is against me

I’ve fallen off the rails

When did it all change

When did I become nothing

I have no energy 

I have to pretend to be ok

Why am I living through this

I thought I had a good heart

But can’t feel it

I can’t feel anything

I fight to stay alive

I fight to stay afloat

I’m drowning and have run out of hope