First Blog Post- Website Launch

So after 9 months of procrastinating with my website. I have finally got it ready and launched it today! (11th February 2017). Really pleased with how it has turned out, and I never actually thought I would get there! I'll be using the site to show my paintings, talk about collaborations, projects, and maybe some stuff from the studio as I go along so I can show work in progress. My artwork doesn't always end up how I intend, and that's part of the process, (albeit slightly tortuous sometimes!)

I'm a big instagram user so follow me on there to see my new work as it emerges! Not, on instagram? not to worry, folllow me on  facebook instead.

And finally Thank yous

As it's my first post, I also want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me with my artwork, especially; Blonde (putting up with endless paintings taking over our house,  crazy artist tendencies and helping me with boxes and wire. He regrets ever telling me to paint big again). My sister, CJ, Milkins, Jack and the Palmer family you are all amazing!