Like millions of people all over the world, I  struggle with my mental health. Somehow, so many of us are united in our suffering but we feel alone and in our difficulties and cannot cope. We need to break the stigma. I am lucky that I have always been able to use my artwork as an outlet for the thoughts and feelings we face but are often too worried to share, but it doesn't mean I am always ok.

My studio practice allows me to deal with my thinking patterns and lose myself. Through creativity you can become childlike and raw. You can feel anything is possible. I would love for the legacy of my artwork to raise awareness of the challenging and mental health issues we face. I don't believe a cure is the answer, as mental health is not black and white, but we all need to find a way to cope. This is my way.


Artist Talk Magazine

Absolute privilege to be on the front cover of  Artist Talk Magazine in January 2018. I am also a featured artist with an article inside the magazine. The painting on the front cover is called 'The Robots' and the subject matter refers to how I feel sometimes, what am I here for, are we actually real or just living like robots. The original painting is 60/90 cm and is also available to purchase as a limited edition print. Please contact me for details


Follow me direct from the studio to see my latest work first hand. To purchase one of my paintings please email